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We were born from the desire to make known pet friendly places in Portugal through the platform
We also want to make known the best products for your pet.

We know that life is complicated for everyone and that there are many abandoned animals, so we are committed to giving 10% of all sales to shelters that take in animals in Portugal.

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Introducing our durable and entertaining dog toys! Made with high-quality materials, these toys are perfect for keeping your furry friend entertained and engaged. Whether you have a small lap dog or a big, playful pup, we have the perfect toy for them. From interactive puzzles to tough chew toys, our selection has something for every dog. Our toys are designed to withstand rough play and are perfect for dogs of all ages. With our toys, your dog will never be bored again. Order now and give your pup the gift of endless fun and entertainment.

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Welcome to our pet-loving community! Our blog is dedicated to providing pet owners with valuable information on how to take the best care of their furry friends. From training tips to health advice, we cover it all. You will find articles on the latest research in pet nutrition, behavior, and wellness, as well as stories of pet owners and their beloved companions. We also explore the benefits of pet ownership, including the positive impact on mental and physical health, and the ways in which pets can enrich our lives. We believe that having a pet is not just a privilege, but a responsibility. Therefore, in addition to providing information on how to take care of your pet, we also share tips on how to be a responsible pet owner. So, whether you're a new pet parent or a seasoned pro, our blog is the perfect resource for you.